Not a Number

Welcome to my repository of non-convergent suite of random letters.
Here, you may contemplate the variation of 26 letters and some other weird characters.

These last months were busy.I mean, really busy.First, I have some important personal projects that are ongoing since years now that are about to be concluded.These projects takes less or more 70% of my free time since 2 years.Then, real regular work, it’s taking me also a lot of time.There is Atomium, the European Commission theme which is taking most of the time.And these last days were even more full of “busy-ness”.Let me tell you how I get there… it’s a small story…

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A word about Atomium

A new Drupal 7 base theme

The Drupal 7 theme layer has, and sometimes still is, been a nightmare to understand for me. In my modules, I’ve always tried to avoid this dark corner that are the theme hooks and inspire my code from what I see somewhere else.Until now, it helped me so far pretty well, that’s the beauty of the Open Source.But recently I’ve been given the task to build a new base theme for Drupal 7 and thus, to have a deep understanding on how the theme layer is working.

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My favorite software

I just can't live without them

Here’s a list of software that I have used across my career and which are my favorites.Some of them were used for work, some of them for personal use, but that’s absolutely not relevant here.This list is not a ranking of the best software. This is why it is sorted in alphabetical order to not favor one or the other.

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In December 2016, I started to write a PHP library called PHPermutations to handle permutations and combinations of an array of items.The array items can be any type of object: integers, arrays, strings or objects, the library will still continue to work without any trouble.But before going further, let me remind you what are the differences between permutations and combinations.

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Prenez un chewing-gum Emile

A small story about git with an inappropriate title.

Lately, I’ve been working with my colleague on a project hosted on Github.We were working on a specific part, which is a component composed of sub components.During the development, the parent branch “master”, where the feature branch “feature/feature-198” is originating from has evolved on its own. Some small bugs were discovered, fixed and merged.However, you guessed it, some of these commits were needed in the feature branch.

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Why a blog?

The story behind all these random characters...

It’s been a while that I wanted to run a blog. I think, the last time I did one, was on Blogspot, and the last post was from late 2009.So yes, it took me some time to decide myself.Maintaining a blog, but for which purpose ?According to me, a blog is a way to share stuff that you like on the Internet, without being forced to use any social network.Now, 8 years after my last post, I think this blog will be a kind of personal Internet log.

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Why companies are not ready for Drupal?

It doesn't means that Drupal is not ready for companies ;-)

I have been working for more than five years now, as a consultant in Belgium.I’m sailing from company to company, from building to building, and my clients are mainly large companies with 1500+ people, some others are smaller.Usually hired as a senior developer or project manager, I’m helping those companies to have a successful Drupal experience.

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