My open-sourced projects and packages.

API Gateway Authentication bundleAPI Gateway Authentication bundle

Authenticate requests from European Commission corporate service API Gateway.

Symfony bundle European Commission API Gateway JWT

PHP CAS LibraryPHP CAS Library

CAS Lib, a standard library for CAS authentication.

PHP Library CAS European Commission

CAS bundleCAS bundle

CAS Bundle, a standard Symfony bundle for authentication using CAS protocol.

Symfony bundle CAS European Commission

EU Login bundleEU Login bundle

EU Login bundle, a standard Symfony bundle to authenticate users against EU Login.

Symfony bundle ECAS European Commission

PHP CollectionPHP Collection

A (memory) friendly, easy, lazy and modular collection class.

PHP Library Iterators


An implementation of tree data structure.

PHP Library tree

PHPTree AST generatorPHPTree AST generator

Generates AST of a PHP script in DOT (Graphviz) or Image (PNG, JPG, SVG) formats.

PHP Library AST

PHP CombinatorsPHP Combinators

A curated list of combinators.

PHP Library Combinators

PHP Church encodingPHP Church encoding

Church encoding in PHP

PHP Library Functional programming Educational

PHP Mock SoapClientPHP Mock SoapClient

A fake and predictable SOAP client, useful for your unit tests.

PHP Library SOAP Tests

PHP NanobenchPHP Nanobench

A simple and lightweight benchmarking tool for PHP.

PHP Library Benchmark

Unaltered PSR HTTP Message Bridge BundleUnaltered PSR HTTP Message Bridge Bundle

A drop-in replacement for symfony/psr-http-message-bridge, that does not alter query parameters.

Symfony bundle PSR

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) ValidatorTaxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Validator

Provide validation tools for Taxpayer Identification Number

PHP Library

PHPSpec Time extensionPHPSpec Time extension

A PHPSpec extension providing matchers for measuring time in tests.

PHP Library PHPSpec Tests


Try to guess the host operating system.

PHP Library OS

PHP PermutationsPHP Permutations

Generators and iterators, permutations and combinations.

PHP Library Combinatorics

PHP PartitionPHP Partition

Partition problem for balanced arrays splitting made easy.

PHP Library Partition

Composer PackagesComposer Packages

Composer plugin for getting information about installed packages in your project.

Composer plugin

PHP ConventionsPHP Conventions

PHP conventions based on Grumphp tasks.

PHP Library Code style Grumphp

PHP PHP-CS-Fixer configsPHP PHP-CS-Fixer configs

Base PHP CS Fixer configurations.

PHP Library PHP CS Fixer

PHP MerklePHP Merkle

A fast and dynamic Merkle tree implementation.

PHP Library Tree Merkle

PHPSpec Annotation extentionPHPSpec Annotation extention

PHPSpec extension that allows you to use annotated methods for tests.

PHP Library PHPSpec

Phing Behat task.Phing Behat task.

Behat task for Phing.

PHP Library Phing plugin

Dock Latex

A multi-platform Docker-based LaTeX workspace for a quickstart and easy hands on.

Command line tool Docker LaTeX

Doctrine OCI8Doctrine OCI8

Doctrine’s OCI8 (Oracle) driver with cursor support.

PHP Library database doctrine oracle oci cursor oci8

Reverse Proxy Helper BundleReverse Proxy Helper Bundle

Helper bundle, configure the request headers from a given base URL.

Symfony bundle reverse-proxy headers


Functional Programming Toolbox

PHP Library functional-programming toolbox


YAROC: Yet Another Random.Org Client.

PHP Library random client RNG

Go Unfloc YourselfGo Unfloc Yourself

Adds a specific header to every response to disable Google’s usage of your site in it’s FLoC tracking method.

Symfony bundle tracking google ad floc

GrumPHP License TaskGrumPHP License Task

Provide the license task for GrumPHP.

PHP Library grumphp license plugin


A standard and framework agnostic PHP library to facilitate the implementation of the WOPI protocol.

PHP Library wopi

WOPI BundleWOPI Bundle

A bundle providing routes and glue code between Symfony and a WOPI connector.

Symfony bundle wopi

PHP IteratorsPHP Iterators

The missing PHP iterators.

PHP Library iterators

Repository Monadic HelperRepository Monadic Helper

Monadic Doctrine repositories helper classes and services.

PHP Library doctrine monad

PHPUnit Iterable AssertionsPHPUnit Iterable Assertions

Iterable assertions for PHPUnit.

PHP Library phpunit assertions iterable

Nix shellNix shell

Nix shells for PHP development.

Nix environment shell nix php