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I’m a developer who loves his work and likes to discover new things related to IT: I do things.

Drupal passionate and “working” as a Drupal Consultant, I maintain a couple of modules (check out my Drupal.org profile), teach Drupal to organisations and do some specific development upon requests.

I currently work in an amazing team at the European Commission in Brussels and I’m always ready for new challenges.

I also like sciences a lot in general and especially mathematics, that explains why I’m so fascinated by numbers and the way Nature uses them. I’m fond of graphical visualisations of data, my favorites are the one from Jason Davies and Mike Bostock.

Besides my work and the geek stuff, I love music (I’m learning to play electric guitar & piano!), photography and swimming.

Oh, and I couldn’t finish this bio without having a word about my cat Izumi! He’s the happiest cat in the world and it’s also the first cat to have its own name in Drupal core thanks to a patch I did some times ago.

Feel free to get in touch with me, check out the links on the sidebar!

My public key fingerprint: 55A6 7A31 0629 AAD1 364A EB22 3266 8369 1C32 50DB.